Adopt-A-Mom #1

The following is our first Adopt-A-Mom's story.  

She has 5 children, 4 boys and one girl. She is married however he can not work due to some sort of medical issue. They have been trying for almost two years now to get him disability and it's just not going very well at this point. She works at a bottle recycling place which made her very sick back in March. But because she's the only income she went back after she was cleared by her doctor. She works for 9.00 an hour and puts in as many hours possible, yet can not provide as much as she would like for her children. By the kindness of someone else's heart was she able to afford Halloween costumes for her children. She usually get helps with Christmas gifts from her local church, but this year they aren't doing that program. She's very stressed that she has to cancel Christmas this year. And this is why I would like to nominate her. Thank you for listening to her story.

If you would like to adopt Mom#1 to send her one of our Christmas gift for $20 please comment below.

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