Adopt-A-Mom 2017 Nominees

Every year I learn so much about some amazing women that just need a little boost in spirit over the holiday. I am so touched by their stories. I know what it is like to do it all on your own. I know how alone it feels when we do it on our own.

I wanted to share a few of the stories for the nominated moms this year. Don’t forget there are a few more days to nominate moms here  or to make a donation to help make a difference in the lives of some of these women.

Mom # 1 — A loving single mother of 3 amazing children. Their father passed on a few years back. Though she and their father were not together at that time of his death, this was a devastating blow to her and her children. Prior to his death, she cared for their children as he had many battles that he was fighting which kept him from recognizing how much his children needed he. She was their only support and tried her best to keep things normal for the children. Since the time of his death, she has done everything in her power to continue to provide for her children and allow them to heal and live their best lives. She lives with her parents who are aging and helps them as much as she can. She is the most selfless human being on the planet. She works as a cleaner at the school, a job which is physically demanding and takes her away from her children in the evenings. Her job exhausts her and often exasperates her Lymes Disease. Lymes Disease is not covered by her insurance and the treatments are far too expensive for her to seek. The disease leaves her with flu like symptoms, aching muscles, sore joints, exhaustion, and a compromised immune system (just to name a few). Still she carries on, selflessly, every single day. She is an amazingly strong, fun spirit that brightens the room. She is kind, caring and full of love, even in the most desperate of times. I would love to see her enjoy a Christmas that will remind her how incredibly amazing she is as a daughter, sister, aunt, and mother.

Mom # 2 — I want to nominate my little sister. My sister is a great person she is 24 yes old a Mom of a 2yr old, every year my sister always adopts two families during the holidays providing them with gifts and a food basket but the last 6 months have been hell for my sister. One day out of the blue she started having seizures and the doctors dont know why. She has a blood clot in both legs, she can not be left alone she has to be with someone 24/7 its truky heartbreaking, she can no longer work she was layed off from her job as a daycare assistant and now is fighting for disability. She has become so down and depressed worrying if her son will have christmas again my sister is a very given person shes truly an angel so I pray you find it on your heart to help her this season God bless.

Mom #3 — One of those people who puts everyone first before herself and I cannot think of someone more deserving for some holiday cheer. Especially this year. 7 years ago she suffered a devastating loss of a child and has worked tirelessly for 7 years raising money for that cause that took her daughter’s life. As you can imagine this is an ongoing, constant pain that doesn’t just go away. This year however has been even harder. Her mother was in a car accident and rushed to the emergency room where they discovered she had cancer so progressive that she was served with only a few months to live. She stopped working to take care of her mother full time and take her to all her medical appointments as they fought the cancer. All while this is going on she still manages to care for her two children who are in high school, driving them to all the appointments they need. Just round the clock care for everyone, but herself i’m sure. Her mom lost her battle with cancer just a few short months after being diagnosed. This holiday season, she has shared with me that it’s hitting her so hard to not be able to share the holiday with her mom and do all the things she would have wanted for the season. I feel helpless as a friend to her because there is nothing i can give or do to make that hurt go away. She would make a WONDERFUL candidate for your program. Thank you!

Mom # 4 — My daughter has always been a hard working single mom. She tries so hard by working all the overtime she can take. She is a nurses aid at St. Luke’s home in New Hartford which can be a very tiring job. There are days I feel so sorry for her because she gets so upset she doesn’t know what to do. She is always worried about getting evicted there is nobody in her life to help her physically with things that need to be done. She has had a hernia because of the job she has with lifting and now she has another hernia which she is hoping to have surgery again. She has 2 children that she tries so hard to get them everything they need. A son that is a freshman and a daughter that is 7 with Adhd and anybody that knows about adhd children can be very depressing when you are trying so hard. I do try to help her but I am just getting by myself being in social security widows benefit at 61 years old. She is a very fearful person when people do help her and if she can she will do anything for anybody.

Again it isn’t too late to help contribute to these moms and more this holiday season. I couldn’t do this and make a difference without your help.

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