Adopt-A-Mom for Christmas 2017

Life always seems to be a roller coaster with so many highs and lows. We all have struggles and challenges to some degree. We can’t control them, but what we can control is how we handle those struggles and challenges.

I began this Adopt-A-Mom for Christmas program 7 years ago when my mom was terminally ill with Cancer and we knew it would be her last. In that tough time all I could think of that might help was to do something nice for someone else. It was the one thing that really brought the spirit back to her favorite holiday.

This year my girls’ other grandma passed away unexpectedly, just after Thanksgiving. She was the other woman that had a huge impact in our lives. It has made continuing this program this year hard. However, it is through this program and giving others a token of love, hope, and joy that it has in fact helped to do the same for us.

It isn’t until we are faced with these struggles and challenges that we are forced to find the small things to be thankful for. Even if it means we need to dig a little deeper within and a little harder at what is around us. It is these small things that can bring us the greatest joy, if we allow it. That is what we need to grasp ahold of as tightly as we can and never let go. Viewing life with gratitude will bring more blessings into your life.

This year proved to show that the harder the struggles and the challenges the greater the rewards. Even though this year ended up smaller than year’s past, it really proved to have been one of the best so far. Delivering through the cold, wet, rain and snow, slipping up and sliding down the hills, soaked to the bone and getting nearly lost in a blizzard. The challenges really made the deliveries that I could make that much more important and made every smile, hug, story, and tear that much more worth it.


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