Adopt-A-Mom 2019

Christmas Eve 2017 Adopt-A-Mom gifts delivered to Ronald McDonald House with some of the guests there visiting their baby brother at Crouse NICU

I want to start off exactly where it all began....

Happy Birthday to my Momma.

Whether you knew my mom, have been a follower and supporter of Adopt-A-Mom for Christmas for the last 8 years or you are new here, this all began on her birthday November 21, 2011.

It began on her birthday that should have been the kick off to her favorite holiday, as it always had been in the past, that this all began. We all knew that after a very long and hard battle with cancer that it would be her last birthday and her last opportunity to try to enjoy her favorite holiday. Which is why it was up to us to make it the best holiday season that we could under the circumstances. In desperate hopes to make it better I did exactly what she had done her whole life, help others.

One of the things that my mom taught me is that moms are the unsung hero's of the world. We do everything for everyone else with no regard for ourselves. But I also learned as a single mom that it can be lonely, stressful, and sometimes just plain hard, especially when we are trying so hard to be strong for everyone else. So I wanted to do something for other single moms that needed a little bit of love and hope, just like we did. After all a happy mom makes a happy home. So if we could brighten up another mom's holiday we could also brighten up every life she touches causing an ongoing ripple effect.

That first year with the help and support of family, friends, and our community we adopted and surprised 10 local moms with bags of gifts just for them. As of 2018 we have been able to adopt over 500 moms that needed some love and hope to get them through a rough time around the holidays.

Again, in honor of my mom's birthday and the upcoming holiday season ,I am asking for your help to continue spreading hope to moms that need it. Every gift for these moms is focused to give them comfort, love, and hope in a time that they may be surrounded by pain, loneliness, and chaos. Please donate to help us to keep this going again this year and into 2020.

Adopt-A-Mom 2018

Christmas Eve 2017 Adopt-A-Mom gifts delivered to Ronald McDonald House with some of the guests there visiting their baby brother at Crouse NICU

I have to make a confession.

This year I am sad to say that I made a decision to not do my Adopt-A-Mom for Christmas Program or so I thought.

Now being 100% self-employed (very exciting but yet a very scary journey) and no longer having my connection to host my Ladies Night to raise money, I felt that I couldn't pull it off in a way that would be impactful. So I decided to take a year off and regroup again next year, maybe. This would give me time to work on my latest projects and do what we all want to do in business, make money. Well, so I thought.

Thanks to some amazing people, I have been reminded that no matter what plans we have for ourselves that somethings are bigger than we are. I have been reminded that what started seven years ago to just make a small difference for my mom's last Christmas has grown into something that is larger than anything I ever could have dreamed of back then. It's more than a Christmas gift. It is the gift of hope, love, and happiness.

What we don't always realize is that when we do something nice for someone else it causes a ripple effect in their life and every life that they can touch in return. If we give hope, they can and they will spread hope. If we give love, they can and they will spread hope. Not only have we given 100s of gifts to single and struggling moms that may have been working through their darkest days, but we have given so much more to them, to their children and to every person that they come in contact with. We have started 100s of ripples that can last a lifetime and spread the world wide.

Donate today and Please help us make a difference for single and struggling moms this holiday and in turn give them some hope, love, and happiness to pass on and begin their own ripples in life. Thank you in advance because with out you and your generosity it couldn't be done. I also hope that you all will have happy and healthy holidays surrounded by love and happiness of your friends and families.  <3


Where it All Began...

This was my Momma's last birthday in Nov 2011.  Her birthday and Thanksgiving were always the start of the holidays.  Christmas was always her favorite holiday.  She always made sure that we hamommas last christmasd wonderful holidays and the best Christmas, no matter what.  She always worked and scraped the bottom of the barrel to make sure our Christmas was wonderful and never wanted or expected anything in return.  We never got anything to extravagant or top of the line but it was always the best to us.  Yes, my girls can thank her for me being a "practical santa".

She had the biggest heart of anyone you would ever meet.  Not only did she take care of us on Christmas but she would always bend over backwards and taught us to help others on Christmas.

I remember going shopping with her one year to buy Christmas gifts for a family with 3 young children that couldn't afford Christmas.   It was Christmas PJs for everyone among other things, but man Christmas PJs were the best.  (I don't know if my girls agree but they still get them every year.)

I always looked forward to donating to the Toys for Tots program.  She donated tons of her pillows she made to every year to them.  I'll never forget when we ran into Mr. Snyder at one of her craft shows and telling him that she had pillows for him and hearing that he could always count on her for pillows for the Toys for Tots.  Plus there were the pillows that she would send up to the Ronald McDonald house every year for the families there as well.  I don't think you could ever find a heart as big as hers.

It was this time in 2011 when she was so ill that I decided to do an Adopt-A-Mom for Christmas program in honor of her.

After watching my mom for years and years along with being a single mom myself I knew that there really was nothing more important to a mom than to make our children happy on Christmas.  But I also knew that sometimes us moms need a little pick me up once in a while to help make our little ones happy.  Sometimes we put our families and their needs ahead of our own and life gets us down and that effects our whole family.  In our darkest of days it is nice to know that someone cares and that we are important as well.  When we are happy then we can truly make our children happy.

adopt a mom

I would like to say that my intentions were entirely selfless, but they were not. A huge part of me started this because it was all I could think of to help me deal with my mom being so sick.  By focusing on others and helping to lighten up their holidays i was hoping for a distraction.  I did it with the hope of easing my pain along with the hope of passing on the kindness that my mom had taught me to my girls.

With the help of my wonderful family (of course my mom was the first one to donate when I started), friends and even strangers I was able to get enough in donations to donate gifts (smaller than I had hoped, but something all the same) to 45 single moms living in a shelter in Philadelphia, PA.  I was also able to donate and personally deliver gifts to 10 local struggling single moms.  I met some wonderful women that just needed to know that someone truly cares.

So, in honor of my Momma, Vivian A Fuller, We will have our 7th year for our Adopt-A-Mom Program.

I know that it may be early but I would like to get a head start with the hopes that we could help more women again this year.

Anything you can give is great and greatly appreciated

Some of the gifts from 2011

Some of the gifts from 2011

I will also begin taking nominations for the Adopt-A-Moms.  Share the story of a single or struggling mom using the nomination form found in the sidebar on this page.  I will not share names but I would love to share the stories so everyone knows the stories of the women whose holidays we can brighten.  But if you wish to not have it shared please let me know.  It is my hopes to give a gift to everyone that is nominated with everyone's help.

I will also be delivering gifts to the Moms at Joseph's House and The Ronald McDonald House (for the 5th year) in Syracuse.  I am also reaching out to Vera House if I can get enough moms adopted.  It is my hopes to deliver 50-100 Mom gifts this year again with everyone's help.

I would like to thank everyone in advance because with out you and your generosity it couldn't be done.  I also hope that you all will have happy and healthy holidays surrounded by love and happiness of your friends and families.  <3


Adopt-A-Mom for Mother's Day 2019

This was my mom's last Mother's Day in 2012. This very picture and this time that we got to spend with her is one of the reason's that I always wanted to do something for single moms on Mother's Day as well as Christmas. Sadly it has never worked out.

This past Christmas we hit a milestone of donating to over 500 moms since we began in 2011. This really has given me that boost I needed to really expand to more than just Christmas so this year I have been able to pull together an amazing team to help me pamper one deserving single mom for Mother's Day.

I know that all moms deserve to be pampered but everything starts with one. Helping one person, doing one good deed at a time. Hopefully with success we may be able to gain support and grow in the future.

If you know of a deserving single mom that is so busy doing and taking care of everyone else that could really use a pick me up you can nominate them right here.

Feedback from an adopted mom...

I just got home from visiting my best friend and there was a bag on my door from 2 ladies I don't know with some gifts and a beautiful touching letter. I don’t know them but thank you Pam and Monica…The letter touched my heart,the kindness of strangers did too.may you have a Merry Christmas, I am crying as I write this, it’s does show kindness and caring. Thank you again….God bless you.

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