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adopt a mom

I am getting a lot more questions and requests for more info about my Adopt-a-Mom program so I thought I would clarify a few of them…

Who is this helping?

The gifts will be given to mom’s that are nominated by others.  I am looking for single mom’s that work hard and wouldn’t normally get something for themselves because they are more concerned about their children or mom’s that are struggling financially or otherwise in the holiday season.  If I get more moms adopted than I have nominees (which I prefer to be the case) I will be donating the extras at the Children’s hospital or possibly the Ronald McDonald house in Syracuse or another similar place that there are moms that will need a pick me up for the holidays.  This will depend on the numbers that I have adopted.

I hope to have enough mom’s adopted to give a gift to every mom nominated but again that depends on how many moms I get adopted.  If I do not I may not to get them to everyone nominated.

Why the moms?

I am giving gifts to the moms because there are normally organizations out there that help families with gifts for the children such as Toys for Tots, local churches and so on.  But normally moms tend to be overlooked because by nature we are happy with just providing for our children and making them happy and aren’t worried about themselves.  But every one knows that a happy mom makes a happy family and moms work hard for our children so they deserve something as well.

What am I looking for you to donate?

You can donate whatever you have.  I am trying to keep the gifts around $20.  So you can donate for part of a gift with $5-$15 or for a full gift of $20.  If you would rather donate something for some of the gifts that will be fine as well.  However I am not sure how many I will need.  My goal is to do 20-30 but it may be more it may be less depending on how many would like to help.   As I stated before If I have extra I do have places to take them but I already have 6 moms nominated since Friday.  I really doubt that I will have to many gifts but if I do I will donate to one of the places listed above.

What area will they be going to?

I would like to keep somewhat local but I will not rule out woman that are not from our immediate area and ship to them.  When I did this before I sent a bunch of mini gifts to a women’s shelter in Philadelphia as well for 45 women for a day to pamper themselves.

How do you donate?

You can email me below with interest or message me on facebook.  Checks will be made out to me because I do not have a not for profit set up for this because it is just something that I started when my mom was ill to help lighten up women’s days.  If you are local to me I can pick up a check (or items) or I will give you my address to mail me a check.

When will this happen?

I am trying to collect any donations now and I will start delivering gifts about 3 weeks prior to Christmas to give myself enough time.

Is it unanimous?

It can be but your gift will come from you not me.  I only list first names though.   I will be sharing some of the mom’s stories so that everyone knows who they may be adopting.  But I do take the names out.

You can view my Adopt-A-Mom page for the full story.

I would like to thank everyone in advance for all of your love and help.

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