Adopt-A-Moms brought me to tears

I must say that I was brought to tears with my next Adopt-a- Mom nominees this evening.  I was contacted from a friend from high school that wanted to nominate his mother-in-law and his wife to receive gifts for Christmas.

Hearing his story with his deepest sincerity I was fighting back the tears. He wanted to nominate his mother-in-law who is struggling with grieving for her husband that she lost just a few months ago.  She is now learning to live on her own and how to do everything that she used to have her husband for.

He then nominated his wife.  Not only has she lost her father a few months ago, she is now the sole provider at this time for their family. Unfortunately he is preparing to go in for surgery for one health issue and to remove a separate mass for them to biopsy.  Due to the pain from his health problems he is not able to work or help out much at all right now.  Which leaves his wife, with the help of his mother-in-law, to help pick up the pieces and take care of everything around their household as well.

I am not sure if it was hearing him reflecting back so many years ago to when and the way we lost my father at one of the basket ball games.  Sharing how hurt he was then and comparing to the pain of the loss of his father-in-law now.  Or if it was hearing the pain in his voice or hearing him fight back his tears as he told me that both his wife and mother-in-law deserve so much.  Hearing the hurt because he won’t  be able to do anything for them this year.  It wasn’t but a moment from hanging up the phone that I couldn’t hold back the tears any more.

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