Beauty of the Simple Things in honor of Eddie

ed 5

This stunning picture was taken by my brothers’ brother Edward Bajgerowicz.  Yes, I said my brothers’ brother.  As confused as you are with that I promise that is story for later.

I’m sadden to say that Eddie passed away this past week.  But he brought so much beauty into this world.  He was so talented and could take the simplest of things, find the beauty in them, and turn them into art.

One of his favorite places to photograph were cemeteries.  He captured the unique character and beauty in the statues and monuments with decades of exposure.  He displayed the honor we have through his images of the red, white, and blue American flag in contrast of century old stones of our veterans.  He explored the history contained in cemeteries.

This was one of his pictures given to my sisters and myself by their mom.  I chose this picture because it inspires me.  It inspires me to write and it makes me want to contribute my own piece of art to this world.

I can not wait to have this beautiful piece of art framed and hung where it will inspire me everyday.  Hopefully, with half of the talent that Eddie had.

R.I.P. Eddie… You will be missed by so many.

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