Little Bit of Nonsense

Snow Day

My girls had their first snow day today.  Who would have thought their first snow day would come in mid January (or that 2 days we went for a walk in sweatshirts).  Not to mention getting a snow day for maybe 3″ of snow.  I almost think they just wanted a day off.   Ok…

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My Visionary Oasis

I can not tell you how excited that I am to have received probably one of the best Christmas gifts that I possibly could have this year.  It was a hand built desk all of upcycled materials that have meaning to me so that I can set up my writing and working oasis.  (which as…

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Every Night Football

Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, College Football, Highschool Football.  Football Football Football….  (I know not every night, I don’t even actually what nights of the week, seems like every night though) Yes I know that this won’t make me too popular (so please don’t take it to heart) but am I…

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