Do you ever wonder how other women in the room always get so much attention?

Do you ever wonder how other women that are not the skinniest or the prettiest women in the room always get so much attention?  What is so special about them?  What do they have that I do not?  Sexy generally has nothing to do with looks at all.

The sexiest thing about a woman is Confidence.  Confidence in being comfortable in your own skin.  Acceptance for who you are and that you are not perfect (but then again, who is?).  You Love yourself, even with all of your faults and quirks.   When you are confident you will….

  • Walk tall, with your head up and shoulders back. When you don’t it seems as though you are uncomfortable in yourself and in your surroundings.  When you are hunched over with your head down you put out the vibe that you don’t belong there.
  • Make eye contact and smile. When you make eye contact and smile you welcome conversation.  There is nothing more inviting than that sexy “Come Hither” stare.
  • Make Small Talk with anyone. It’s simple I promise.  It all starts with Hello.  It will go from there.
  • Smile and laugh. Smiling and laughter are contagious.  Others will be drawn to you because they want to be around happy people.

You will be able to walk into any room, in any situation as your sexy, confident self and you will turn heads.  It doesn’t matter if you are the skinniest, smallest, prettiest woman in the room, you will have the attention of just about anyone you want.  If not believe me there will be enough attention to go around that you won’t notice anyways.

If confidence doesn’t come natural to you, you can do as they say “Fake It ‘Til you Make It”.  It is something that you can practice and with that practice it will come to you in good time.  The more you practice the easier it will be, the more confidence you will have, and the sexier you will be.


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