Happiness starts with yourself

Sometimes you have to fall in love with yourself before anyone else will.  If you don’t love yourself then who else will?  If you don’t love yourself then you won’t require anyone else to and you will tolerate things that you otherwise wouldn’t.

Have you ever dated yourself?  Do you know what you truly like and don’t like to do?  How will anyone else be able to make you happy if you aren’t sure what makes you happy?

Do you enjoy your own company?  Are you comfortable hanging out by yourself?  If you don’t enjoy your own company then what makes you think that some one else will either?  Once you are comfortable and enjoy your own company others will be drawn to you.

Maybe it is the confidence that protrudes.  Maybe it is the curiosity that draws them in.  Maybe it is that people are naturally drawn to others who are comfortable in their own skin and being themselves.  People are drawn to Happy people.  When you are comfortable with yourself and know what you want YOU WILL BE HAPPY.

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