Honoring Christie Williams and her Perfectly POSH

I want to give a HUGE Shoutout to my dear friend Christie Williams. I met Christie back in 2014 because of her huge heart. Through her amazing POSH business, she was one of the amazing women that reached out to me as I was pulling together raffle baskets for a benefit for tornado victims. Their hasn’t been any looking back since.

I am forever grateful for Christie as she has always been one of the first to step up to give and support single and struggling moms with me. Last year donating amazing hand made scarfs, bracelets, and of course Perfectly POSH products for my Adopt-A-Mom for Christmas program, along with participating in my very first Ladies’ Night.

Christie is always tickled pink to pamper you with her Pink Packet of Happiness.

She discovered Perfectly Posh about 3 1/2 years ago when she tried the products. She instantly fell in love with the brand, what they stood for, and how they made her feel. Posh reminded her that it’s okay to take some “me time” for herself. Always being so busy as a wife, a mom, and having a full time job caused her to forget that. In February 2014 she decided to start her own business with Posh because she wanted something for herself and to share what Posh had given her, “me time”.

Christie shares that we are always to busy taking care of everyone and everything else that we forget to take care of ourselves. She enjoys seeing the smile and the sense of relaxation wash over people as they take a moment to just let go and pamper themselves at an at home spa trying a mask or a hand creme.

Posh has given Christie so much over the last three years. An amazing sisterhood, training, tools, home office staff. It has been an incredible journey to become a Silver Premier with her amazing team of ladies from all walks of life. All of which are doing big things for themselves with the support of their POSH Community.

This business has allowed Christie to afford the life’s extras without worry, including family vacations, extra meals, soccer season with her son. All while paying down debt and being able to give back to her community.

Christie loves sharing her story as much as possible to share this same opportunity to others who could use extra income, flexibility,  or just a little “me time”.  She wants others to know that their journey can be anything that they want it to be.

Contact Christie today for a Pink Packet of Happiness. I know that you will love her amazing products and so much more.

Contact Christie at www.poshwithchristie.com . You will love it.

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