Identify and Remove Blessing Blockers

Welcome to YOUR Fuller Life ~ Identify and Remove Blessing Blockers

Special Guest: Elkie Clinton

In this Segment of Welcome to Your Fuller Life: Identify and Remove Blessing Blockers with Elkie Clinton. Tune in to learn what “Blessing Blockers” are, how to identify them, remove them, and thrive when it comes to their finances and career choices.

We all experience Blessing Blockers at various points in our lives. It can be what holds us back from accomplishing our goals or experience true happiness. We will focus on how those Blockers influence our decisions when it comes to our career and finance choices. The listeners will learn strategies and tools that can help them reduce or even eliminate the “Blessing Blockers” that impact their lives.

Elkinsette “Elkie” Clinton is an Educator, Career and Finance Coach, Best-Selling Author, & Speaker. She is the CEO & Founder of Savvy Moms Unite! As CEO of Savvy Moms Unite, Elkie works with single moms to not only go after the career of their desire but also become financially savvy. Her mission is to ensure they secure their financial future by using simple and practical tools that assist in managing their money and investing in other resources that help them generate additional income for their homes.  Elkie knows what it’s like to be “Broke, Busted and Disgusted” and strives to change her clients’ mindset around money and make money work for them. Elkie’s 10 year old daughter inspires her to pursue her dreams. She is one of the motivating factors behind why she became a Savvy Mom. She is on a worldwide mission to inspire the next generation of women to not only dream big but create a life that is best suited for them. Personalized dreams are the best!

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