Keep it Real

Do you ever get sick of reading about how amazing everyone else’s lives are on facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat (crapchat as my bf calls it), and everyother social media website that you can possibly think of?

Does it ever leave you feeling highly inadequite and somewhat worthless?

I can tell you that I have been there, seeing everyone else succeeding where I tend to be falling short.  Wondering what am I doing wrong and how are they better than me. So then in turn trying to do what they are doing in the hopes that it worked for them so it might work for me.

Uggghhhh…  Just Forget That

Everyone shares about how great everything is and how everything is wonderful for them and their wonderful children, job, business, house, car, pets… You name it, it is just absolutely wonderful. Don’t get me wrong I love to hear how great everyone is doing and I ABSOLUTELY love to see everyone’s successes so that I can help them celebrate. But COME ON Already… No one’s life is that perfect so quit faking it. Be Real…

We can’t forget the other end of the spectrum… The sky is falling, The sky is falling… I even steer really clear of the naysayers and negative nellys. That just can’t be healthy and all you are doing is drowning in your own negative sink hole. Come on already…

Don’t you think that there is a happy medium? Something that is called real life? You know where yes we get to share and celebrate our successes together but you also get to vent, rant, hopefully giggle and laugh at each others’ misery a little bit because, hey my dog just got skunked last night too and yes my house is going to stink forever. lol….

It just makes sense that noone’s life is perfect, no matter how hard they try to get you to believe that they are. In the same token no one’s life is absolute misery either. So don’t judge your life based on what other’s are sharing and posting every day, day in and day out. Cause let me tell ya from someone that has been a part of many women building their empires and great lives, I bet there is a skunk, bat or snake that is hiding in their closet along with their skeletons.

  • So keep it real. Fake can be pretty boring.
  • You are the only you and no one else can be nearly as good at it as you are. So be real and be YOU.
  • Learn to laugh at the crap that happens, even if it takes day or ten. Yes someday I will laugh at going to one of my daughter’s graduation with my skunky perfume. If I don’t get kicked out lol… I will very possibly be the one sitting by myself in the back corner because let’s face it, I probably stink.
  • Don’t judge your life based on what others decide to share. Because if there life seems to good to be true, it probably is. No one is perfect or has the perfect life.
  • Don’t air all your dirty laundry because no one cares other than the people that WILL judge you for it. (Who are they to judge you anyway. So don’t give them amunition)
  • When you do see that one person that is keeping it real and rocking it anyways, don’t be afraid to reach and tell them, “Go get’em girl.” You do not know what they have gone through to get there and you have no idea what it will mean to them and yourself.

You are rocking it girl so keep going, keep it real, and whoever you are, BE YOU.

Welcome to Your Fuller Life…

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