LeaAnn Fuller Day

I am all up in my feelings lately. Well I actually have been for a while, ever since I received a call from my former Kindergarten teacher telling me I was nominated and chosen for the Zonta Club’s Status of Women Award.

I’ve been through so many emotions around this. Obviously excited, nervous, honored, humbled, but also sad. I recall driving to my clients and breaking down hysterically in tears one morning because the woman that made me who I am. The one that taught me to be the person I am and the one that in a way started this wouldn’t be there with me. I couldn’t pick up the phone and tell her. I couldn’t let her know that through it all, through all of the shitty and sometimes out right horrible moments that things have actually turned out for the best. Despite all of the times I nearly wanted to give up, I did it. I was able to be better and do better. For her, for me, for my girls, for all women…

Being presented with this award and to have a day dedicated to me locally has been the most humbling experience of my life. I had an extremely difficult time not bursting into tears many times because I am a blubbering baby. It’s so good to hear that everything that you are doing is actually making an impact. Having the Mayor’s Office of the City of Oneida Proclaim March 20, 2019 as LeaAnn Fuller Day was one of those moments of disbelief. I almost held it all together only to see my girls crying. That was the moment that did it for me because I had never openly spoke of some of my challenges in front of them. The whole night was a humbling experience that I will never forget and forever be honored and grateful.

Thank you to the Oneida Area Zonta Club, Mrs. Bandlow, City of Oneida Mayor (even though he couldn’t personally attend), everyone that came, those that I know wanted to attend but couldn’t and to those that have supported me along the way! 

Through this all, I have really learned that we all need to remember to keep going and to never give up. We will all struggle and even want to give up at times, but we can not. We need to keep going because there are people watching us and counting on us. There are people out there that need us and they may need what only we can give them.

Never give up!!! I see you….

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