Leaping off the Cliff

Change in life is hard, uncomfortable, and challenging, even when we know that in the long run they are for the best. Most don’t know but I am in the midst of some very big changes in my life. I am losing my job in only 12 days.

It is so scary but yet so exciting. You see that I have had leaving my job on my mind for some time now but I have let this little thing like fear keep me from committing to me. Fear has appeared in so many forms. Fear of not having clients, fear of not being able to afford my bills, fear of just not being good enough. The stories that my subconscious led me to believe were nearly undeniable. Whenever I had arguments for my fears they even disguised themsleves as loyalty to everyone but me, common sense as I often called it. Apparently the world would fall apart without me.

Ever notice that when we are just at the edge of that cliff, the edge of greatness, that we all have that ugly thing pop up for us and let it hold us back? But apparently I have been lucky enough that the Universe really has been listening to me and has my back when I couldn’t see past the real or not so real fears. It’s funny that when we put something out to the universe that it does give us what we want, READY OR NOT.

So here I am at the verge of a whole new adventure. No I am not ready, but really are we ever? Yes the fears are still there and yes they are real. But I am acknowledging my fears so that I can embrace them and build this life that I have been destined to live while I was hiding behind the fears. I am choosing to see find the adventure in this newly found challenge. I am embarking on the journey of all journeys that will be down right hard and scary at times but well worth the ride. I am leaping off the cliff that I have worked so hard to get to. I know that it may be a rough ride and I will most likely scuff my knees along the way. I know that I will spread my wings and fly because this is exactly where everything that has ever happened to me and everything I have ever worked for has led me. This is the gift the Universe has given me to embrace and enjoy the adventure.

Ready or not this is only the beginning of the rest of my life. My Fuller Life. My Leap. My Greatness.

Join me on this journey. Share some love it you know what it is like and you have been on this journey yourself.

Stay tuned as I embark on the journey of a lifetime. The good, the bad, and even the ugly.

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