Leave it to me…. (this post should totally come with a warning)

Leave it to me to be up on a Friday night (well technically Saturday morning) watching the new movie out on DVD, Blended.  For the 2nd time I might add after laughing and of course crying my way through it the first time.  Sometimes laughing because I can totally relate and then crying even more because I can totally relate.

The only thing really missing is the kettle cooked potato chips and a nice cold Pepsi.  Which I may decide to go to the store and buy yet.  Maybe that would be the cure for my obvious writer’s block that always seems to occur when I sit my ass in front of my computer with my aimless thoughts.  Which you will always be able to pick out from my rambling posts that are truly, believe it or not, the actual fix to my Writer’s Block.

To find a point in all of my aimless thoughts and rambling… Sometimes when you are struggling with something you just have to jump in and do it.  Right or wrong, the more you work at it and do something the better you will be and the easier it will get.  As they say Practice makes Perfect.

On a side and final note… Please if you see me in Price Chopper a braless, hot mess, RUN the other direction and we can both totally pretend the next time we see each other that we didn’t see each other running around in our PJs for our midnight cravings.

As I said this post should come with a warning for any visuals that you may be scarred with.

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