Here's What My Clients Are Saying:

“I just wanted to say thank you. Our one session has allowed me to open my heart.”

“I never thought that my life could be like this.”
“So glad to have you as my coach, and my accountability partner – I have made progress with the training program that I’ve committed to doing! Though I can’t say that I’m done quite yet.”
"Thank you so much LeaAnn!! Your support means the world to me!! You are amazing!! Thank you so much! Words cannot express how grateful I am! Love you much<3"
"You're not only good, you're amazing! :)"
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"I just wanted to email you because yesterday was such an amazing coaching conversation. I don't think I realized it at the time, but things definitely percolated for me after our session. The thing that really brought it home was that it mattered to focus on how a man made me feel in a relationship. You'd think I know this by now, but as I'm constructing this list, I'm realizing things about myself that I previously hadn't acknowledged about myself, so in short, I just want to say thank you (and I'm so glad we talked about this).
BTW .... relationships really is your forte 😉 I am sure you will be breathing in opportunities for others to bring love into their lives 🙂 Until next week!"

~Leanne Ling

"I couldn't possibly express what an amazing experience Life Coaching is so I thought that I would share what other's have said about it. (I swear that I didn't pay for any of these either!!)"

"LeaAnn created an instantly safe space and full attention and presence to exactly what I needed. Her insightful questions and gentle, loving persistence were the perfect blend of inquiry and guidance to allow me space to explore, wait for answers from deep within, and then express myself in a way that I could hear out loud--what I'd been unable to discern by myself. LeaAnn helped me find clarity and permission to claim stuff about myself that I'd been unwilling to acknowledge and fully step into. "Empowerment coach" is correct. I was empowered to find the right words, stake a claim, and now I will move forward boldly and with excitement. Thank you, LeaAnn."

 ~ Sally Toth Galloway

"I want to thank you for coaching me. I was able to realize my abilities and find the awareness I needed. Your coaching empowered me and gave me the courage I needed to do what was best for my family. You coaching gave me insight and I know everyone is better for it. Thank you for your encouragement and support I really appreciate it."


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