Little Bit Of Perspective…

You know those days, you sleep through the alarm clock, kids miss the bus, you run out of gas because you couldn’t stop for gas last night because you forgot your debit card, you miss your meeting with your boss that you had to go over that error you made because you have 30 projects on your desk and it slipped by. Should I go on?

We all know that life can be rough and throw us curve balls.  Sometimes enough curve balls at once that you just want to crawl back into bed or maybe settle for crawling under the nearest rock you can find.  I know I have, if only I could fit under one.

Then you hear about a little girl that is having a bad day because she is struggling from a brain tumor and her headaches are not going away today.  

You see a woman way to young and a little boy both celebrating their last and final chemo treatments.  So fortunate to have overcome such a battle.

A friend fighting a daily painful battle against a brain disease that shows no signs of relief but only hope for a cure to come out of it’s underfunded research.

All of these things really make me sit back and put life into perspective.  I have my health, my children, my family, love, happiness, laughter, a roof over my head, a job, a six pack…..   

YES, We all have our bad days and stuff happens but no matter how bad it is remember it could always be worse and you CAN overcome it.  So stop, take a deep breath and just be in the moment and think about what it is that you truly have.  What is it that makes you get up every day and keeps you going?

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