Loyalty can be a tricky thing…

Having been an overly loyal person pretty much my whole life I have learned that loyalty really is a tricky little thing.  I have through  various toxic personal relationships and work environments learned the hard way.  I learned that being loyal will sometimes keep you in situations that often do not fall in line with your core values and personal foundation.

It always seemed to be the running joke that I was as loyal as a dog.   Looking back it definitely wasn’t a compliment.  It made it easy to be taken advantage of.

The problem with Loyalty is that we forget the most important thing about being loyal and to who we truly owe our loyalty to.   The only person that we really owe our loyalty to above and beyond all else is ourselves.

Please don’t get me wrong, I think that being loyal is an important thing.  I am still to this day a very loyal person.  However I now chose be loyal to myself first and to my core values and my personal foundation.  With doing so I have brought the people into my life that will also honor and respect my loyalty and not take it for granted.

Be loyal to yourself above all else and you can avoid those that will try and have you deviate from your values and personal foundation.  Then there is room to attract others into your life whose values fall in line with yours.

<3 L


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