Make Everyday “Great Day Great YOU” in 2015


Everyone is all about the New Year New You as we welcome in 2015.  So much pressure to make the New Year’s resolutions, loose wait, save money, be happier, be kinder, get a new job, etc….  Then there is even more pressure to keep the New Year’s Resolution that you only made because you were sick of everyone asking, “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?”.  Which often times leads to disappointment because yet another New Year’s Resolution went down the crapper…

I think that the New Year does give us a starting point that can make us feel like it’s a shiny new clean slate.  But I truly feel that is the option that we have everyday.  It may not be as catchy,  New Day New You.  Or is it?

But really why do we feel that you have to change yourself to be happy anyway?  We all make a conscious decision everyday to be who we are.  So why change it because someone tells us it’s a New Year so we need to become a New You because we aren’t good enough?  (Yes I know this may not be their intention but bear with me here)

We need to know that we are good enough any day of any year.  We do not ever need to become someone new to live up to our true potential.  We may need to make some decisions and set some goals but we can do that as we are today or any day it is right for us.  We can make the decision to become our best selves any day.

We can make that decision any day of any year to follow our dreams,  to step out of our comfort zone, to set our goals, to raise our standards, and to push ourselves one step further than we did yesterday.  The important thing is that we do it on our terms not the terms of an age old tradition.  When we do it on our terms we are less likely to be disappointed and more likely to succeed.

How about instead of a New Year New You, we make a conscious decision everyday to make it a Great Day Great YOU?

Happy New Year.  Here is to wishing you the best everyday and that you can pursue your dreams and set your goals any day not just on New Year’s Day.  I hope that you can make everyday in 2015 a great day.  If for some reason one day isn’t you always have the next day to start over.

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