Nurses sent from heaven

A nurse is someone that can only be explained as someone that is sent to us from heaven to be exactly who and what we need on what could be the worst and hardest days of our lives. Whether it is for our care or the care of our most loved ones, they are there for our first breath and our last.

A nurse comes into our lives when we are truly at our worst, whether it is due to illness, accident, or fear. They are there to guide and build us back up not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. Even when we feel there is nothing left or when we think that we do not need or want them. They often know what we need better than we do ourselves.

Not everyone, including myself is cut out to be a nurse. It takes a special kind of person to take care of us or our loved ones like they are their own family. To make the quick on their feet decisions that can save a life one instant, the belief to get us up and moving the next, even when we really don’t have the belief ourselves. No need to really even mention the compassion needed when someone we love takes that last breath. They are a shoulder to cry on, a sounding board to share our frustrations, a light in the middle of the darkness.

So in honor of National Nurses week I just want to thank all of the nurses that thanklessly give their all even when through all of the long shifts, early mornings, late nights, snow storms, natural disasters, emergencies, and illnesses. Thank you for often times putting our families above your own. Thank you for being the light in middle of the darkness that we are faced with during some of our darkest days. Thank you for being our angels sent from heaven.

Special Thank you to my favorite nurse and sister, Wendy.

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