Snow Day

My girls had their first snow day today.  Who would have thought their first snow day would come in mid January (or that 2 days we went for a walk in sweatshirts).  Not to mention getting a snow day for maybe 3″ of snow.  I almost think they just wanted a day off.   Ok maybe it was really because of the potential of a snow storm.  An hour from here they did get a foot of snow overnight and were supposed to get another foot today.

It really makes me think about back in the day when I was in school when you wouldn’t get a snow day for a few inches because that was a daily occurrence.  I can’t tell you the number of nights that the bus would get stuck in a snow bank and who knows what time we would get home.  They were so bad about closing schools when they probably should have that my dad, the town highway superintendent, parked his snowplow in front of the school driveway one day because they didn’t think that it was bad enough to close.  He thought differently.

But when we did get a snow day man did we have a lot of snow to have some fun in.  We used to spend our snow days out in the snow making tunnels in the huge snowbanks, making snow angels, snow forts, and having snowball fights.  The most fun was climbing the hill out back to go sliding.   We could slide in the front yard but we had to watch out for cars.  The big hill was A LOT bigger and more fun but man the climb back up the hill was a killer.  Unless my big brother was giving us rides back up with his snow mobile.  Of course ending the fun with a hot cup of cocoa and sitting in front of the wood stove.  Always topped it off.

I wonder if kids really know these kind of snow days anymore.  What was your best snow day as a kid and how do your kids spend them now?

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