The Day I Traded in Hope

Don’t get me wrong, Hope is an amazing thing when that is all that you have and it has seen me through very many dark days, weeks, months, and even years.  There was a time that Hope was all that I had.  One of my biggest hopes as a young single mom was to raise my girls without inevitably screwing them up. There was a time that I was so broken down that hoping to get through the day was all that I had.

Hope saw me through a lot.  Hope can make all the difference in life when we need it.  However there comes a time when Hope no longer will serve us and I learned that Hope was actually holding me back.

There came a time in my life when it was time to give up hope that it might happen and start believing that it was happening.  My coach pointed out to me that in everything I said when it came to my goals and dreams it contained “I hope”.  I hoped for this and I hoped for that.  It was basically in every statement that I used.  When she asked me why the answer was easy because for so long that was all that I had.  Was Hope.

When she asked me if I hoped it would happen or if I believed it would happen the answer was just as easy.  I believed it.  It was quite an awakening moment for me.  I didn’t realize the power in the words that we use and that I was holding myself back constantly saying that “I Hope” that it would happen instead of “I Believe” it will happen.  By changing the words I was using I changed my mindset.

It was then that I realized there is a time and place for hope when that is all we have.  But there is also a time to trade in hope for belief.  It was my time to do exactly that.  When I made that shift in my words it made the shift in my mind as well.  Of course to follow was the shift in my life.  It was then that the doors that I used to hope would open up started to burst wide open.

Are you ready to quit hoping and start believing?

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