The Unstoppable Woman of Purpose II

Welcome to Your Fuller Life: The Unstoppable Woman of Purpose II

In this segment of Welcome to Your Fuller Life “The Unstoppable Women of Purpose” we will be joined by Co-Authors of the Amazon #1 International Best Seller, The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose – Global Movement; Lori Stancil, Lauren White, Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Rebecca Adams. These Co-Authors share their journeys from being hidden to becoming Unstoppable and share how you can do the same.

Join us as we discuss with these Unstoppable Women of Purpose what made them decide to join the global movement of Empowerment in Women; The Unstoppable Woman of Purpose. The importance or reaching women globally who desire to unleash their inner-fierce self, embrace their gifts with feminine grace, ignite their passion, value their worth and ultimately step into that UNSTOPPABLE Woman of Purpose they were meant to be.

Lori Stancil, Lauren White, Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Rebecca Adams will discuss how it was that they became Unstoppable and why we are all worthy of living the unstoppable life. How and why you can and should walk in your purpose, strength, and unstoppable power.

A little more about these Global Leaders, Powerful, Influential, and Unstoppable Co-Authors:

Simply put, Lori Stancil is a lover of Jesus Christ. First and foremost her heart is dedicated to Him, and she is committed to living in His love and growing by His grace. Coming from a long line of educators and teachers, some would say Lori was born to inform, educate, inspire and empower. A woman with her sights set on living out her destiny, Lori is a minister, inspirational speaker, life coach, entrepreneur and published author. Lori is divinely called to the nations and walks in a determination of purpose and passion, which makes her undeniably UNSTOPPABLE in life and busin19029348_10212297933499022_3632308653469157759_ness.

Lori is the Founder and Director of Practical Living Ministries based in the United States. With its ever-growing global presence, it is important the message of the Kingdom of Christ is understood and grasped by women from all walks of life. Lori and her team work tirelessly to equip Christian women to grow in their faith, stand firm in their beliefs and to live the good life God has prepared for them. She is raising up international change agents!

With over 20 years of ministerial and leadership training, international education and business experience, along with a MS in Organizational Leadership, she has risen to become a leader second to none; forging alliances and building collaborative efforts which have brought about lasting change on a global scale.

To book Lori or learn about her life’s work and passion, contact: Practical Living Ministries P.O. Box 185223 Hamden, CT USA Website: Facebook:

Rebecca Hall Gruyter is the founder/Owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice, Creator of the Women’s Empowerment Series events/TV show and the Speaker Talent Search. As the CEO of RHG Media Productions™, Rebecca launched the RHG TV Network™ committed to bringing positive/transformational shows to the world.

Rebecca is an Empowerment Leader that sees herself as an ambassador for the reader, listener, viewer, and event attendee. 18952976_10212297952259491_7986277861089711670_nShe seeks to bring influencers, speaker, authors, experts, messengers, transformation information, and needed talent to those around the world that are in great need of them. She has dedicated her time, energy and resources to build platforms and opportunities to help influencers, experts and speakers be positioned powerfully to reach more people around the world that desperately need them, their voice, heart and message.

Rebecca’s history of success includes: Empowered Connections TV Channel (#1 most watched), Network Director, VoiceAmerica’s Women’s Channel, and Radio Show Host/Producer of Empowering Women, Transforming Lives, and International Best-Selling Author.

Be willing to be seen on the same level you desire to serve. Let the world see you SHINE authentically and powerfully!

You can connect further with Rebecca Hall Gruyter at,,

Rebecca Adams is a Mindset & Breakthrough Coach, Life & Business Coach, Co-Author, Network Marketer and Motivator. She has had businesses since 2003 & is highly focused on the VALUE and IMPACT she gives in19225145_10212335849406896_536672372795134529_n her work. She serves from the heart and helps people in their lives and businesses through DEEP CONNECTION & MINDSET to create the BREAKTHROUGH’S needed so that they are CONFIDENT to believe in themselves to CREATE the life and business they desire.

Rebecca is BIG on Mindset, Gratitude and Personal Development and believes that practicing these tasks daily is KEY. Her highest ability is to see the positive in any negative situation and change people’s mindset into more positive, productive thinking. Her lifetime philosophy is that “you CAN and WILL achieve anything you set your mind to”. She also has a mantra that she lives and breathes by which is “KEEP GOING ~ ALWAYS”. With her experience, drive and determination Rebecca has won awards, earned respect from top leaders and has a fire within her that will light anyone’s passions to the max. Rebecca is a woman of God and is a Mum of 2 children, of which, her son has special needs.

You can connect and learn more about Rebecca Adams at

Last but certainly not least is Lauren White, Also known as Lola. Lauren  works with women that come to her when they no longer know how to respond to their bodies. These women look at past pictures from their teens or weddings and wonder what happened or where it all went wrong. But what they don’t realize is that they just need to start som19148933_10212335851846957_856503892780046856_newhere, take the first step. With the right tools, resources and support they can have the body they desire while still eating the foods they love.

With every woman that Lauren works with, she sees a piece of her former self–the girl at her breaking point ready to give up. But now, she has the training, experience, and resources to help others make lasting change and stand strong on their own. Nutritional Therapist Practitioner and Detox guru Stool Analysis, Food Sensitivity testing, Emotional processing support EFT, and ayurveda/ supplement specialist. Lauren’s business name is White Iris Transformational Coaching & Wellness -cocreator of The BodyLuxe System 90 day program.

To connect or learn more about Lauren White you can find her on Facebook


Tune in to learn how you too can step into your greatness and become an Unstoppable Woman of Purpose as the women in this Anthology, The Unstoppable Woman of Purpose, have.

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