Why Are We So Busy Doing?

Why are our lives so busy?  Have you ever put to much thought into that?

Are we busy because our work requires more of us than we would like? Or we are working multiple jobs just to make ends meet and pay the bills?

Is it the technology that keeps us so busy?   Cells phones, Laptops, I-pads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?  The constant connection with each other and our work all day, every day?  The inability to be able to unplug from the rest of the world ever?

Do our children keep us busy with sports, practice, games.  Nowadays we not only have one sport a season we have our outdoor sports playing indoors all winter along with our winter sports.  Man that in itself is almost enough.  Not to mention all of the scouts, FFA, 4-H, play practices, dance class, band, volunteering, all of the after school activities, PTO, Sports Boosters, fundraisers, bake sales, cookie sales, bottle can drives.  Oh my, the list goes on and on.   Phew…. I’m exhausted just thinking about it all.

Do we keep busy to keep up with everyone else?  Is being a busy mom a badge of honor?  Are we afraid to say NO?  If we aren’t busy then we aren’t doing enough?  We aren’t valued enough?

I can recall all of these being the case and having being in all of these places in my life.  I recall days, sometimes weeks where my schedule is planned out to the minute just to make sure I got it all done.  I am sure that most everybody has been here at some point or another.

But when I took a step back I finally realized deep down that those were all masking the real reason that I felt I needed to be busy.

If I was busy I didn’t have to just be me.   I didn’t have to learn to be comfortable in my own skin.  If I stayed busy I found my value through doing.  Doing everything from work, family, friends.  Doing for whomever asked, it didn’t matter.  If I wasn’t busy I found something to make me busy.

But now I have learned that I don’t have to be busy.  I have learned that I don’t have to volunteer for everything and that it is ok to say No.  I’m sure that not everyone has enjoyed it or understood it but I have just stopped the Doing that doesn’t contribute to being happy and being me.  And with that I have learned to be me and to love me.  Now I spend my time Being, not Doing.

With all of this I have learned that I was just busy Doing not Being.  It has been said that a Human is called a Human Being not a Human Doing.  So we need to take a step back and cut out all of the needless Doing and just learn to Be.  Learn to be with ourselves.  After all you never know what good company you are until you can enjoy your own company.  Learn to be you and to love you.

You know you have become comfortable with yourself  and being you when you can sit at home on a Saturday night on your own laughing hysterically to cheesy reruns of Seinfeld and you are not only ok but ecstatic for some down time.

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